Cupcake Haven

Our Hand Dipped Strawberry's have since become infamous as well over the last couple years, needless to say they are not your ordinary strawberry's!

We have also done THEMED berry's dipped in

  • superhero colors,
  • football decoration,
  • team colors,
  • birthday festive,
  • wedding festive, the list goes on!
  • messages, etc.

The strawberry's come in a long clear display box and look Grande! The strawberry's are usually gi-nourmous, coming from local growers. (we know that's not a word) gi-nourmous   :)

We make these per order, just call to place please...

(865) 376-4484

Novelty Berry's by the Dozen $20

(Dipped in all different goodies following vanilla and milk chocolate. ex: Coconut, m&m's, Butterfinger, Oreo, Reese's Chips, Nuts, almond slices, Etc.)

Classic Dipped Berry's by the dozen $15

(Dipped and drizzled in classic vanilla and milk chocolate)

We also offer dipped oreos, cookies, pretzel sticks, etc, per order.